Pubdate: Tue, 31 Jul 2012
Source: Oshawa Express, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2012 Dowellman Publishing Corp
Author: Bruce Symington


Dear Editor,

I read with bemusement the letter you published in the July 3 Express 
written by Paul Kokoski. I say bemusement because I incorrectly 
thought that such misunderstanding and ignorance of cannabis was a 
thing of the past. His letter contains a number of falsehoods and 
much misinformation regarding cannabis, its use, effects and 
outcomes. Since the internet is rife with facts, results of studies 
and thoughtful analysis regarding cannabis, all of which directly 
contradict his assertions, one must assume that Mr. Kokoski is also 
ignorant about computers and the world of the internet.

He states that it 'effects' [sic] the rights of others to live in a 
safe environment. No it does not. It is the ruthless pursuit of the 
failed war on drugs that causes the dangers to others, not the herb 
itself. He states that it is twice as likely to lead to lung cancer 
as tobacco. No it does not. Scientific studies, you know, the ones 
where the results can be replicated, have determined that the rate of 
cancer in cannabis users is actually LOWER than the general 
population. That is directly the opposite of what Mr. Kokoski states. 
He states that cannabis harms the user's body (it does not) and that 
it increases the chances of psychosis and mental instability. It does 
not. The flawed studies which suggested these connections have been 
rejected by peer review; in other words, they were not scientific. He 
makes a number of other assertions which are likewise inaccurate to 
support his contention that cannabis should remain illegal. When the 
arguments supporting a position are shown to be inaccurate, the 
position is unsustainable, and the opposite is more likely to be the 
correct position.

For goodness sake, Mr. Kokoski, learn how to surf the net, read the 
truth and enlighten yourself. Go to the sites;,, or read the 
excellent book, "Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts" by Lyn Zimmer, 
Ph.D. and John P. Morgan, M.D. There you will find the truth. Your 
letter contains no truth whatsoever.

Bruce Symington
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