Pubdate: Wed, 22 Aug 2012
Source: Maple Ridge News (CN BC)
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Author: Paul Scanlan


Editor, The News:

Re: Billboard bong ad taken down (The News, Aug. 1).

It is sad that what "horrifies" Hali Stus is the advertisement for 
Hoss Glass and the display of a bong pipe on a billboard 
advertisement. I wonder how many other things she is shocked by on 
her daily routine if she found this simple billboard ad "unacceptable."

I also wonder how many dollars she has lost for the City of Pitt 
Meadows for having this piece of revenue removed.

It is also sad that a company would remove it after only one complaint.

So if everyone e-mailed them and said they were fine with it, would 
they put it back?

I'm guessing more people didn't have an issue with it than those who did.

Now, back to the billboard itself.

I hope she realizes that these are not illegal items and many people 
who can legally smoke marijuana (for numerous medical reasons) use these bongs.

I hope no one she knows ever needs to use medicinal marijuana.

Now they may not even know where to shop.

Paul Scanlan

Maple Ridge
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