Pubdate: Thu, 13 Sep 2012
Source: Portland Tribune (OR)
Copyright: 2012 Pamplin Media Group
Author: Bruce A. Knight


Thank you for running both pro- and anti-Measure 80 pieces on your 
Aug. 23 Insight page. Oregon voters deserve to see both sides of the 
marijuana legalization debate.

Both sides are certainly entitled to their own opinions, but not 
their own "facts." That the law enforcement officials who wrote 
against Measure 80 trotted out the same old falsehoods and 
unsupported allegations is not just sad, but reprehensible (Marijuana 
legalization is a lot of smoke, Aug. 23). They should be ashamed.

I commend Jeff Anderson for his honest and clear arguments in favor 
of replacing failed marijuana prohibition with reasonable regulation 
(End expensive marijuana prohibition, Aug. 23). The effects of 
prohibition are historical facts which anyone can check and confirm. 
Prohibition just doesn't work - unless by "working" you mean 
subsidizing organized crime and the prison-industrial complex.

Marijuana prohibition has "succeeded" in criminalizing millions of 
otherwise law-abiding Americans and increasing drug use among minors, 
who find it easier to get illegal substances than legally regulated 
alcohol. Just like alcohol prohibition, marijuana prohibition is a 
bogus cure worse than the disease.

Measure 80 will end that injustice in our state, and will generate 
hundreds of millions of dollars for Oregon's schools and public 
health programs. I urge all Oregonian voters to support it.

Bruce A. Knight

Secretary, Libertarian Party of Oregon

Southeast Portland
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