Pubdate: Thu, 13 Sep 2012
Source: Portland Tribune (OR)
Copyright: 2012 Pamplin Media Group
Author: April Kennedy


Dan Staton, Patrick Garrett and Eric Nisley, your fear-mongering is 
so absurd (Marijuana legalization is a lot of smoke, Aug. 23).

Is everyone envisioning an apocalypse war-zoned Oregon because of 
marijuana legalization yet? All I have to say is the same arguments 
Dan, Patrick and Eric make are the same ones people used to make 
about alcohol right before prohibition. And it was prohibition that 
caused the perfect conditions for violent gangs and cartels to 
prosper, not legalization.

And what's this manufactured concern about people smoking and 
driving? You just do what you normally do when you see someone 
driving drunk: Pull them over if you have probable cause and give 
them a sobriety test. Sheesh.

April Kennedy

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