Pubdate: Fri, 28 Sep 2012
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2012 Montana Standard
Author: George Niland


On the issue of Senate Bill 423, which puts ridiculous regulations on
medical marijuana: if you are in favor of this bill, you are not
seeing the big picture.

Put the marijuana to the side for a moment. The people of Montana
voted for a bill to legalize something that helped hurt or sick people
to live a more comfortable life. There were no problems with this
substance, other than the Legislature seeing it as a booming industry
that they had no control over. That, my friends, is what this whole
mess is all about: government control.

If you can't see it, then I suggest you open your eyes and take
another good look at the situation. If there were problems with the
medical marijuana, then I am sure, everyone could understand putting
more restrictive rules in to stop the problems.

There hasn't been one problem arising from the medical marijuana.
There has always been marijuana in the schools. When I went to high
school in the 1970s, pot was easier to get then alcohol. So don't try
to tell me that there is more in the schools since the law was passed
because I know better.

One of these laws states that a caregiver can only have three
customers and they can't charge them for the product they receive.
What a joke. Try telling the owners of Town Pump or Wal-Mart that they
can't charge for their product and see how that flies. It was like a
bunch of 2-year-olds trying to make the laws. How ridiculous.

All things aside, if we don't start standing up to government on these
types of issues, then we may as well move to a communist country
because that is exactly what our country is slowly turning into. Stand
up to state government and vote against Initiative 124 and let the
Legislature know that once the people vote something in, then it will
be the people who vote it out, not them.

This is only the beginning. We had better get our heads out of the
sand and stand up for our rights and our freedom, before they are all
taken away.

George Niland

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