Pubdate: Sun, 11 Nov 2012
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Contact:  2012 The Seattle Times Company
Author: Thomas R. Prince


Initiative 502 is a good step in advancing personal liberty regarding 
recreational marijuana use. However, it lacks the provisions that 
allow an individual to grow their own pot for personal use (unless 
one has a medical card).

I understand licensing and taxing commercial ventures but forcing 
someone to purchase something easily grown in a garden is unfair to 
all. I could even see a permit to grow for a nominal fee.

However, growing marijuana for medicinal and culinary use should be 
as legally and easily done as growing tomatoes is for the general 
public. The Founding Fathers grew cannabis for making rope and 
parchment, as letters from Washington to Jefferson demonstrate. Now 
seeds can be used for oil and leavings from pulping can be used to 
make ethanol.

Nothing has shown that marijuana is more dangerous than cigarettes or 
alcohol. In fact, it is less dangerous than both other drugs.

Cannabis is a beautiful plant and for that reason alone gardeners 
would enjoy it. There should be absolutely no impediment to personal 
plants in a garden. There is no reason to not amend this law to allow 
personal use of homegrown marijuana.

- - Thomas R. Prince, Seattle
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