Pubdate: Fri, 23 Nov 2012
Source: Peninsula News Review (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Black Press
Author: Bruce Symington


Letters to the editor perform a valuable purpose in disseminating 
alternative ideas about subjects of interest in the news. Some are 
written from a sensible, reasoned stance, others contain nothing but 
bluster, misinformation and hyperbole.

Witness the letter published in the Nov. 14 PNR by Eileen Nattrass. 
She summoned up all the lies, half-truths and hyperbole that she 
could find or dream up. If one examines her assertions, they look ridiculous.

Marijuana causes deafness? That's a new one.

I must thank the editors for publishing this nonsense because when 
the public sees how flimsy the prohibitionist arguments are, when the 
refutations are overwhelming as I am sure they are, the public is 
educated. Not in the way intended by Ms. Nattrass, because the public 
will see that they have been deceived by false arguments and question 
the more reasonable-appearing arguments of the professional 
prohibitionists. She is actually sowing the seeds of the end of 
prohibition with her illogical arguments.

Thank you, Ms. Nattrass for being such an obvious tool of the prohibitionists.

Bruce Symington

Medicine Hat, Alberta
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