Pubdate: Thu, 27 Dec 2012
Source: Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Nanaimo Daily News
Authors: Danny and Crystal Swadden


Re: 'Medicinal pot needs to be dispensed by doctors' (Your Letters, Dec. 20)

We are a medical marijuana clinic. Our patients must have a 
prescription from their doctor and/or their MMAR forms from Health Canada.

There is a list of over 80 medical conditions that marijuana is 
useful for on our website and we have over 280 members and rising 
quickly. We are no closer to any schools than the local methadone clinic.

Our store does not intend to harm the community, we do not sell to 
minors or non-medicinal patients.

We supply what the government/doctors cannot. We sell high-quality, 
organic marijuana to medicinal patients with regulated doses of THC, 
CBN and CBD's available. Our patients would love to be able to simply 
get this exact product and service from pharmacies and claim it on 
their taxes just like other medicines.

Let's get the facts straight. Harewood is a great community but has 
always had crime just like any other area, it has always had 
trespassing, thefts and break and enters. Has there really been an 
increase in crime statistics since July and where did you get access 
to these "facts"?

As for the condoms and syringes: Marijuana does not require these 
items to medicate. That's ridiculous. Where are you getting these "facts" from?

We welcome anyone to come to our store and meet our patients, hear 
about their medical conditions and how medicating with marijuana has 
helped them. See how good hearted they all are and the difference we 
are making in their lives and the community for the better.

Danny and Crystal Swadden

(The Stash Box & Paradise Island Compassion Society) Nanaimo
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