Pubdate: Tue, 22 Jan 2013
Source: Herald Times Reporter (Manitowoc, WI)
Copyright: 2013 Herald Times Reporter
Author: James Milks


I found your (Jan. 15) editorial on marijuana completely close-minded 
and uninformed.

When will we admit alcohol and cigarettes open up the flood gates for 
experimentation with harmful and illegal drugs.

You believe there are safer drugs available for people that suffer 
from debilitating health problems. Can you name a few of these wonder drugs?

Conventional medicines such as oxycontin, morphine, dilaudid, ect. 
are only marginally effective at relieving severe chronic pain. 
Marijuana has been proven to give significant relief for the same 
ailments. All of the drugs used to combat pain can be habit-forming, 
over-perscribed, misused, sold to addicts and even make their way 
into our schools. People that truly need relief from severe chronic 
pain and ailments typically dislike using these same drugs, but they 
have no choice.

Alcohol has destroyed more lives, families and careers than the total 
amount of legal marijuana users combined.

Look at a few other methods of pain control besides the evil marijuana.

There are surgically implanted intrathecal pumps and brain implants. 
Both are physically invasive and one isn't even FDA approved. Two 
types of brain implants are either near the frontal lobe or the motor 
cortex region.

Drawbacks are obvious, but among the worst are that the implants will 
develop a tolerance similar to oral medicine, possibly rendering them 
usless after a length of time. They also have about a 50 percent 
chance of relieving 50 percent of the pain. I suppose having a piece 
of your scull cut out and risking death for a minimal chance of 
relief is easier than eating a homemade cake with marijuana mixed into it?

Your editorial goes on to say marijuana leads to truancy and poor 
school performance. Do you know any doctors that would perscribe 
opioids or narcotics, let alone marijuana, to school children? 
Marijuana is the least descructive of drugs being used by our 
children. I suppose legal drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes are better?

If this state legalizes usage of marijuana it should be closely 
monitered, regulated, and taxed. Imagine the millions of dollars in 
extra tax revenue our (financially responsible) state and local 
leaders could get their hands on.

James Milks

Two Rivers
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