Pubdate: Sat, 11 May 2013
Source: Morning News, The (Springdale, AR)
Copyright: 2013 The Stephens Media Group
Author: Matthew Ballard


I'd argue that marijuana doesn't make a person laugh, just as it has 
been shown to not actually take pain away; it makes a person able to 
cope with it better. I believe the laughter is because marijuana 
helps a person return to a natural state of happiness, a level of 
consciousness that can let go and relax.

It is not like alcohol. Alcohol is an escape mechanism. Marijuana, 
rather, assists in allowing a person to understand and cope-huge 
difference. I imagine that is why so many PTSD sufferers are asking 
for it rather than the Xanax and klonopin the doctors prescribe. 
Depression and anxiety have shown remarkable benefits from marijuana. 
Humans have used marijuana since we entered this earth. Only in 
recent times, under the too-familiar guise of safety, have 
governments outlawed its use.

It's time to bring some seed of happiness back to our culture and 
society, a way for people to better detach themselves from the hip of 
the pharmaceutical companies. People need freedom. People need 
choice. People need a way to slow down and think-perhaps more so now 
than in a very long time. When the governments took marijuana away, 
perhaps they really took away a part of the human spirit. They took 
away a part of humanity's happiness.

Users don't laugh because of the marijuana; they laugh because they 
are happy again.


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