Pubdate: Wed, 26 Jun 2013
Source: New West News Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2013 Black Press
Author: Shelley Madsen


The City of New Westminster and the New West police department have
chosen to shut down New Westminster's medical cannabis dispensary,
N.I.C.E. (New Innovations in Cannabis Education) which was operating
on 12th Street for a few months.

I urge the mayor, councillors and police to educate themselves on the
medical benefits of cannabis and encourage a public forum to discuss

Cannabis has many medical uses, including treatment for nausea for
those going through chemotherapy for cancer treatment. I am only able
to speak to the use of cannabis for chronic pain. It is very effective
and has no risk for toxicity or overdose. The same cannot be said for
the narcotic pharmaceutical prescriptions which are prescribed for
chronic pain. Having access to medical cannabis gives a better quality
of life to many. Medical cannabis dispensaries also offer alternative
delivery methods such as edibles. People want an alternative to years
of harmful pharmaceutical use.

The Vancouver Police and City of Vancouver choose not to close their
dispensaries. New Westminster could do the same. Is this really the
kind of "crime" that we want our police and politicians focusing our
tax dollars on?

Isn't it time we move forward with compassion on this issue?

Shelley Madsen

New Westminster
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