Pubdate: Thu, 04 Jul 2013
Source: Chico News & Review, The (CA)
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Author: Mark Zeh


Re "Disaster in the foothills" (Editorial, June 6):

Medical-cannabis growers are getting pretty fed up with the 
discrimination coming from the county of Butte. This has nothing to 
do with unpermitted grading or building of greenhouses.

DA Mike Ramsey used his resources in conjunction with the Sheriff's 
Office to fly around the county looking for new grading intended for 
cannabis growing. Ramsey then went to the Department of Public Works 
and told them [to order the owners to mitigate the problems] and gave 
the shortest possible deadline (14 days), hoping they could not 
comply, and he could then prosecute them with a criminal misdemeanor.

If you attempt to talk to the public-works grading department about 
this, they tell you this is a "new" process and are not sure how it 
works-and refer you to the DA for information.

What does Ramsey have to do with building-code matters such as 
grading, and why is he subjugating public works? I think it's 
obvious. The county is retaliating against medical-cannabis growers 
because they've lost the war, and are now just grasping at straws. 
It's sad, really.

Mark Zeh

Feather Falls
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