Pubdate: Sat, 03 Aug 2013
Source: Telegraph, The (Nashua, NH)
Copyright: 2013 Telegraph Publishing Company
Author: Paul O'Day


Law will cause death, suffering

These are the inevitable consequences of New Hampshire's medical
marijuana law:

People will suffer, and some will die, either because dispensaries
aren't yet open or will have to close due to the many restrictions put
upon them; or when the medicine is too expensive for the same reason.
Others will suffer because the type of medical marijuana that actually
works for them isn't available due to low demand  again due to the
many restrictions. Other people will suffer serious side effects, up
to and including death, from the mandated use of dangerous
pharmacuticals before using the safest drug yet discovered. Other
patients and caregivers will face fines, jail and even hard time in
prison for medical marijuana used outside the rules dictated by the
paranoid state government.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion, but I daresay it is
objective fact that causing people to suffer and die while teasing
them with a doomed medical marijuana program, and threatening them
with serious criminal charges, is surely not "for the greater good."

Paul O'Day

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