Pubdate: Tue, 06 Aug 2013
Source: Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON)
Copyright: 2013 Cornwall Standard Freeholder
Author: Fred Mallach


Re: "High hopes for common sense drug policy," Cornwall 
Standard-Freeholder, POV, July 27.

In a letter to the Times Colonist newspaper in Victoria, British 
Columbia, last fall before the campaign for the Liberal Party's new 
leader, I challenged Justin Trudeau to support the legalization of marijuana.

"If Justin Trudeau really wants to win the leadership of the Liberal 
Party and ultimately form the governing party, he needs to promise to 
end the prohibition of marijuana ...If Trudeau wants to win seats in 
B.C., he should think about this issue and step up."

I give kudos to Trudeau for taking my advice. Actually, I can't take 
any credit for his decision. Just as the Conservative Party can't pin 
the move towards legalization on Trudeau.

I have been monitoring the reaction in the media to Trudeau's 
announcement last week supporting the legalization of marijuana. The 
reaction is intense. Both sides of the issue have jumped at the 
chance to express their opinions.

In the comment section following an article in the Province newspaper 
in vancouver, B.C., someone wrote the following: "I have never voted 
Liberal in my life, but I will if he legalizes pot."

In small-town newspapers in rural Ontario, one editorial appeared 
numerous times, deriding Trudeau for his position. Margaret Wente in 
the Globe and Mail characterizes individuals who use cannabis as stoners.

Justin Trudeau might have found a way to split the right and the left 
with this issue. I am looking forward to the next election.

Fred Mallach Victoria, B.C.
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