Pubdate: Thu, 08 Aug 2013
Source: Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB)
Copyright: 2013 Winnipeg Free Press
Author: William (Bill) VanderGraaf
Page: A12


Allan Levine's column (Canada's 100-year war on drugs, Aug. 3) was
very entertaining and informative. It clearly illustrates the
unmitigated failure of the war on drugs and the racist views of the
20th century that were the root cause of Prohibition in this country.
Justin Trudeau has shown us leadership on an issue that is difficult
to reform.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition supports his call for legalization
of marijuana as an important policy that stops the criminalization of
adults for non-violent consensual behaviour. Trudeau's call for
control and regulation is welcome and is based on the growing evidence
of positive medical science, and the fact that adults should be able
to make their own choices.

Health choices, whether good or bad, are not sufficient reason to have
people arrested and criminalized. Levine suggests Trudeau has taken a
risk because the Conservatives will portray him as "rash and out of
touch with ordinary law abiding Canadians."

Well, perhaps ordinary law-abiding citizens will recognize that the
Harper government follows the failed U.S. policy of drug enforcement
and mandatory minimum sentences, which has the highest rate of
incarceration in the world and yet has failed to curtail the
production and use of drugs in their own country.

Trudeau's call for legalization is a call to take drugs off our
streets, to make our streets safer for all, and to do a better job
keeping substances away from minors. Those who sell drugs outside the
legalized regime will still be subject to prosecution. It is an
election issue of public safety, with huge potential economic benefits
for all.

William (Bill) VanderGraaf Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Winnipeg
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