Pubdate: Sat, 17 Aug 2013
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2013 Canwest Publishing Inc.
Author: Rob J. Kamermans


Re: Doctors Plan Dedicated Pot Clinic. Aug. 14; Beneficiaries Of 
Medical Marijuana Once Called Dr. Rob Kamermans An 'Angel From 
Heaven.' Authorities Have A Different View, July 27.

I was the only physician who stepped up to the plate to do the right 
thing (approving patients for medical marijuana). Now my colleagues 
are saying, "I didn't do the right thing." They plan to charge 
patients who want to have permission forms signed, with marijuana to 
be sold at a clinic - the beginning of a pharmaceutical industry.

If I was in it for the money, I would have done it the way dr. danial 
Schecter and his partner are planning. I certainly would not have had 
any travelling clinics. Heaven forbid we reach out to the patients.

What about the thousands of people who will now be unable to grow 
their own medical marijuana? They cannot afford to buy their medicine 
and risk going to jail if they grow it. Once again the disadvantaged 
get the "short end of the stick".

Not only am I the scapegoat for Health Canada, the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Canadian Medical Association 
and the OPP, but now my enterprising colleagues as well. Once again 
it is not about being "right" or doing the just and fair thing, but 
who has the most power and money that wins.

Dr. Rob J. Kamermans, Coe Hill, Ont.
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