Pubdate: Wed, 28 Aug 2013
Source: Colorado Springs Independent (CO)
Copyright: 2013 Colorado Springs Independent
Author: Judith Posch


First things first, a disclaimer: I have nothing but love and respect 
for the multiple business owners who've written to the Pikes Peak 
Bulletin re: recreational marijuana. Same thing with awesome City 
Councilor Matt Carpenter, whom I see as a superhero.

Also, I am not a parent, but I love kids and if I had one of my own, 
I would certainly discourage them from drinking or using weed until 
they were of age - and even then, to make an informed decision 
regarding said consumption.

But it's all about choice.

I truly do not think that the presence of an RMJ store in Manitou 
would detract from this town's family-friendliness. As it stands, one 
of the rowdiest bars in town (the awesome Royal Tavern) sits right 
alongside Manitou's biggest family attraction, the incomparable Penny Arcade.

Speaking of bars - we've got lots of 'em. I work at one. We also have 
a liquor store. At my place of work, we card anyone and everyone who 
looks under 40. We take our liquor licenses very seriously, and I do 
not see equivalent licenses being treated any differently in an RMJ store.

This is my third year working in Manitou, and I definitely see the 
decline in business after the fires and now floods. We could so use a 
competitive advantage right about now. I think that a recreational 
marijuana store would be the perfect answer.

I cherish all the people of this town, and in no way wish to see 
minors being corrupted. But the adults in this town who are just 
trying to get by could really use an influx of business. If we had an 
RMJ store, perhaps we could say goodbye to the years-long 
understanding that business in this town dies after the Coffin Races.

- - Judith Posch

Manitou Springs
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