Pubdate: Tue, 15 Oct 2013
Source: Kamloops This Week (CN BC)
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Author: Deb Alore



Re: Tom Fletcher's column of Oct. 8 on the effort by Sensible BC to 
change enforcement regarding marijuana possession ('Provincewide 
marijuana referendum misguided'):

Whoa, Tom! Bad day in Victoria?

I'm feeling pretty appreciative in Kamloops and I thank supporters of 
the Sensible BC initiative.

I have been pleased to offer this petition to the fine people of this 
community for our first grassroots democratic opportunity on the 
topic of our cannabis laws, which are becoming increasingly contrary 
and convoluted as time goes on.

Governments and corporations are permitted to grow, alter, market and sell.

Doctors may prescribe. The sick may ingest. Yet a healthy citizen is 
not permitted to tend this plant.

It seems so ridiculous to attempt to legislate nature but, if we 
must, if only to get along, then the initiative is a start.

More than anything, it's a means to initiate discussion, so I feel 
it's important to clarify the initiative does:

1) Propose amendments to the Police Act for simple possession of 
cannabis by adults.

2) Propose calling upon the federal government to repeal federal prohibition.

3) Propose taxation and regulation of cannabis, as is done with 
tobacco and alcohol.

4) Address the consideration of minors.

So, Fletcher is out. Maybe he can direct his energy to the feds.

What about KTW readers? Would you like to talk about B.C. bud?

Deb Alore

registered canvasser

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