Pubdate: Thu, 17 Oct 2013
Source: Alberni Valley News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2013 Alberni Valley News
Author: Kim Blake
Cited: Sensible BC:


To the Editor,

Re: Marijuana "reeferendum" misguided. BC Views, Oct. 10.

My name is Kim and I am the local organizer for Sensible BC/Alberni 
Pacific Rim.

I read this column and started to write Mr. Fletcher, but have 
shifted my disappointment to this newspaper.

Today (Oct. 10), this long column was printed in your paper bashing 
our efforts and character.

We are a grey haired, working class, taxpaying group of people who 
don't appreciate being categorized into the stereotypical pothead image.

We are all volunteers donating time and materials.

All I hear in Mr. Fletcher's sad column is a personal dislike of Dana 
Larsen and his efforts. Mr. Fletcher says he has been a pot advocate 
for 20 years. So, could this be a personal dislike or jealousy of Dana?

Our approval has been huge and motivating.

Kim Blake,

Port Alberni
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