Pubdate: Thu, 24 Oct 2013
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Copyright: 2013 The Seattle Times Company
Author: Adriana Vetter


Editor, The Times: I read the article on what lawmakers are looking 
to do to regulate legal cannabis. And I just saw red ["State pot 
officials can exhale as rules get the OK," page one, Oct. 17].

What I'm most concerned about is that government officials and the 
Liquor Control Board members aren't talking to medical-marijuana patients.

I'm concerned that we'll see the government treating the marijuana 
industry like the liquor industry after Prohibition - in that the 
casual users and their cash will have the laws tailored to them 
because the cash seems more important, especially for states that are 
suffering from the effects of a sluggish economy.

Legislation that does not include medical-marijuana patients, like 
me, basically puts our needs aside. And the fact that for many of us, 
medical cannabis is the difference between costly, dangerous Western 
medicine and a life that still has some quality while we fight our diseases.

We are different from casual users and I sincerely hope we aren't forgotten.

- - Adriana Vetter, Seattle
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