Pubdate: Tue, 19 Nov 2013
Source: Boston Herald (MA)
Copyright: 2013 The Boston Herald, Inc
Author: Andy Gaus
Page: 16


A Herald opinion piece by the editors of the Arizona Republic says
that state's medical marijuana law "opened the door to abuse"
("Lessons from Arizona on pot law," Nov. 15). That's in part because,
the editors argue, medical marijuana is being offered to young men on
the basis of a "subjective and unprovable assertion" of chronic pain.

So, patients are supposed to "prove" their pain; but how are they
supposed to do that? Rather than making such a ridiculous requirement,
how about if we legalize marijuana for all adults - so no one has to
prove they're sick or apologize for being well or face arrest for
enjoying a drug safer than alcohol or tobacco. Prohibition is the
"abuse"; let's not stand for it anymore.

- - Andy Gaus, Boston
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