Pubdate: Fri, 29 Nov 2013
Source: Charleston Gazette (WV)
Copyright: 2013 Charleston Gazette
Author: Jim Hinebaugh


CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The time has come to legalize marijuana for 
those that can benefit from it.

I am 72 years old and have never touched marijuana or any of the 
other illegal junk drugs peddled on our streets. But, I have 
difficulty understanding the opposition to legalizing medical 
marijuana. If a doctor says it is a substance that will help out many 
in pain, it should be treated like any other prescription medication. 
As we are finding out every day many of the prescription and 
nonprescription drugs now approved for use are more deadly and 
addictive than that claimed for marijuana.

Why make criminals out of law-abiding citizens who could get 
something good from it. Must we continue claiming the intent is to 
control marijuana distribution? Marijuana seems to be available 
everywhere. The government's "war on drugs" seems to be overseeing 
the creation of more illegal drug distribution now than in any other 
time in the history of the world.

You might even remember when our "institutions of higher learning" 
referred to the use of marijuana as a "recreational activity." They 
justified it and many kids seem to turn to it as an act of rebellion 
against authority.

Has our government become so confused by politics and 
self-preservation that they can no longer deal in reality? The 
murder, mayhem, law enforcement effort and cost involved in the "war" 
on marijuana is far more expensive, corrupt and useless than the war 
on booze in the early 1900s. It's time to deal with reality.

Jim Hinebaugh

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