Pubdate: Thu, 05 Dec 2013
Source: Times-Standard (Eureka, CA)
Copyright: 2013 Times-Standard
Author: Stan White

Clean Cannabis Within State's Reach

People have been cultivating cannabis (marijuana) with pesticides 
forever ("What are you smoking?", Times-Standard, Nov. 30, Page A1). 
While it is desirable to purchase cannabis grown free of pesticides, 
the best way to achieve that goal is for government to RE-legalize 
and regulate the plant. Government should take back, regulating 
cannabis, away from the black market and allow producers who grow the 
plant without pesticides the opportunity to label them accordingly.

When California voters get their next chance to RE-legalize cannabis 
(third time's a charm) in 2014 or 2016, hopefully it will enable 
citizens to grow their own plants (like Colorado citizens) and that 
will be another way citizens will have access to pesticide free plant material.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.
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