Pubdate: Fri, 22 Nov 2013
Source: Peachland View (CN BC)
Copyright: 2013 Peachland View
Author: Randy MacInnis
Cited: Sensible BC:


I have over 35 years in public service, with the RCMP, City of 
Calgary Emergency Medical Services, and retired as a Narcotic K-9 
trainer handler for the Attorney General's office of B.C., Corrections Branch.

It is sometimes difficult for me to remain professional and polite 
when people are rude or uninformed, so I chalk it up to ignorance of the facts.

I beg of you, for the sake of those you care about, educate yourself 
on the truth regarding marijuana.

We would also do well to consider our rights and freedoms, or what's 
left of them. A majority of the population of B.C. (70 per cent or 
higher) feel that this bad legislation needs to be changed to remove 
the criminal element and save our young people. And yet, with my 
background on the front lines dealing with the fallout of this failed 
legislation I am reduced to standing on a street corner begging 
people to sign Sensible BC's petition and exercise what rights they 
have left. Democracy? You tell me.

With what is going on in Ottawa right now it should be clear to all 
of us we can not allow this or any other government to close the door 
in our faces and dismiss us like peasants. Thank goodness for the 
very brave people who have stepped up and stuck it out. Thank you Sensible BC.

So for anyone who really cares about people, please educate yourself 
and get involved. This is not about a bunch of hippies from the 
sixties wanting to get high.

My wife has a number of very debilitating conditions and without the 
aid of medicinal marijuana she could not garden, preserve fruits and 
vegetables or do many other things she enjoys. By the way, she does 
not smoke marijuana. It is administered in many ways for many 
conditions, and unlike RX pharmaceuticals, it is natural, 
non-addictive, and could be grown organically in your own back yard. 
You can't say that about many other prescription painkillers.

It should also be obvious why pharmaceutical companies don't want 
change. If more people start taking control of their health with 
natural products, they would stand to lose revenue. They have a very 
vested interest.

The legal and justice systems have also become dependent on much 
needed budget money from this failed war on marijuana users. Most 
police officers I have spoken with would prefer not to have to bother 
with marijuana, and would be happy to allocate funds and manpower to 
other areas of greater need.

I would be happy to discuss any of the issues concerning marijuana. 
Sensible BC, provides information and research from people much wiser 
than myself; check it out.

Then, maybe we can stop the reefer madness.

Randy MacInnis, Peachland
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