Pubdate: Tue, 17 Dec 2013
Source: Independent  (UK)
Copyright: 2013 Independent Newspapers (UK) Ltd.
Author: Richard Trotman


Your Thursday edition included a piece by Owen Jones commending 
Uruguay's sensible decision to bring cannabis production, 
distribution and sale under the control of the state, thereby pulling 
the carpet from under the murderous crooks who - a futile global "war 
on drugs" notwithstanding - have grown fat and powerful off the trade 
for half a century.

Ironically, in the World section of the same edition, a brief 
paragraph quotes the UN's International Narcotics Control Board as 
warning that Uruguay's decision would "endanger young people" and 
"contribute to earlier addiction". The INCB's claim might carry a bit 
more weight were it to explain how this might happen, when the sale 
of this product is being transferred from street-corner dealers to 
licensed outlets.

It's high time that we ignored the many and powerful interests vested 
in the "war on drugs" (including the UN's INCB?) and focused instead 
on managing drugs through state-controlled sale.

Can we see some intelligent debate on this please, at both the 
national and international level? Because the "war on drugs" was lost 
decades ago, yet the solution is staring us in the face: legalisation.

Richard Trotman

Penistone, South Yorkshire
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