Pubdate: Wed, 07 May 2014
Source: Tower Timberjay (Tower, MN)
Copyright: 2014 Tower Timberjay
Author: Janet Y. Schultz


I believe that everyone in Minnesota should grow a patch of marijuana
for our neighbors who are suffering with chemo-nausea and epilepsy,
for free, and also make it illegal to sell it or drive under the
influence of it.

Marijuana is native to our state as hemp. Henry Ford designed his
first horseless carriage to run on hemp oil, a renewable energy. The
oil companies were not amused and began a century-long campaign
against the horrors of drugs. Anyone in our state who is growing a
traditional flower and herb garden has a pharmacy at hand, including
some beautiful, legal, deadly poisonous varieties.

There are too many people weighing in and waving dollar signs around
in this debate. I believe that to 'pot' or not is a very simple
ethical decision. Come on Minnesota NICE, if we can help those who are
suffering-let's do it.

Some have said that it should be legal for people who are suffering to
grow marijuana. I think that would make them target for thieves and
vandals. To protect them, we should all grow some.

The anti-nausea pill given to my friend after each chemo treatment
"may or may not kick in within one to three days." Try to set a plate
of someone's favorite food in from of them and watch them turn from
chemo red to nausea green. The after-chemo pill cost $700!

Then I remembered that Dennis Anderson of WDIO in Duluth had a program
explaining how smoking marijuana helped the patients settle their
stomachs after treatment. The program aired 15 to 20 years ago.

My friend got the legal amount of pot, smoked it, and in three minutes
got the "munchies." What a relief!

If you want to micro manage everyone and everything in people's lives
how about this-bring gasoline and heating fuel back under regulation.

A century ago Henry Ford had his mind in the right place with
renewable fuel, from natural plants. We don't need a $700 pill-just
common sense.

I asked someone "How does it feel to smoke pot?" and the person said
something like, "Well, you feel mellow, your mind goes back and forth
and you can't dwell on things."

So much for me and pot. I don't need it because I'm dyslexic. My mind
wanders all over the place all the time anyway. But, I should mention
that my grandson-in-law, the sweetest fellow you would ever care to
meet, has begun having epileptic seizures. I want this medicine for
him and I want it to be grown naturally!

Janet Y. Schultz

Sturgeon Twp., Minn.