Pubdate: Sun, 13 Jul 2014
Source: Southtown Star (Tinley Park, IL)
Copyright: 2014 Digital Chicago, Inc.
Author: James Gierach

Main Cause Of Chicago's Violence Ignored

"Chiraq" is the word invented by an oppressed, inner-city people
suffering unspeakable and unrelenting violence in Chicago.

They feel like they live in Iraq, but they fail to correctly identify
the primary cause of the unnecessary violence - drug prohibition.

Meanwhile, the powerful pols, the local preachers and the pundits
scrupulously avoid addressing the need for drug enforcement reform.

Incredibly, some of these so-called community leaders collect civic
awards despite their oblivion, intransigence and uselessness in
confronting the main cause of Chicago's epidemic of street violence.

James Gierach

Palos Park