Pubdate: Fri, 27 Dec 2013
Source: Delta Optimist (CN BC)
Copyright: 2013 Connor Ganuelas
Author: Connor Ganuelas


Editor: Re: Crime Beat, Dec. 20 I read in the Crime Beat that a 
person was reported to police for allegedly smoking cannabis on 
Central Avenue in Ladner. My first thought was: Are you kidding me? 
My second thought was: Don't the police have something better to do 
than investigate a person smoking cannabis? I have nothing against 
what the police do. They are trying to keep us safe, but getting 
involved in what somebody does to temporarily alter their state of 
mind is ridiculous.

If they aren't causing trouble or harming anyone else, why bother
investigating? People drink alcohol and smoke and chew tobacco, which
studies show are the most addictive and dangerous substances known to
man, yet are legal.

This drug war is a complete failure. And that's not just my opinion as
millions of others hold that same opinion. We are wasting billions of
tax dollars trying to "fix" the problem by arresting and incarcerating
drug users.

We can use this money for better uses like rehabilitation, education,
creating jobs, medical care, homes for the homeless, fixing our
infrastructure and a lot of other things besides wasting time and
money cracking down on a couple of teenagers spending time outside
smoking a bit of B.C. bud.

Would you rather have them drinking themselves drunk? How about
getting addicted to cigarettes? Or how about spending $10 for a gram
of weed where they just get giggly and hungry for a few hours with no
hangover effects or addiction? If you smoke cigarettes or drink, you
are in no position to tell us what we can and cannot put into our bodies.

Connor Ganuelas 
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