Pubdate: Fri, 03 Jan 2014
Source: Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2014 Nick Kelly
Author: Nick Kelly


Even the financial TV news channels are agog at the sight of 
Colorado's new retail marijuana shops, which opened for business 
Wednesday. Note: they are not dispensaries; the state has done away 
with the medical window dressing so zealously clung to by Health Canada.

More important for B.C., Washington state will soon follow and allow
recreational sales. Please note that the economic consequences for
B.C. have absolutely nothing to do with anyone's personal consumption,
approval or disapproval. During America's disastrous 14-year
prohibition of beer, wine or liquor, immense fortunes were made in
Canada, including the Bronfman's Seagram's empire. But tens of
thousands in salaries were also paid, and the money Canadians spent on
beverage alcohol stayed in the country.

But it looks like the Americans are going to get even. B.C.'s 12,500
licences to grow marijuana expire March 31, with, so far, only a
handful of Health Canada approved licences supposedly filling the
demand. And, of course, completing the farcical script, you will need
a prescription. A massive shortage looms that one our American friends
will be only too glad to fill.

Estimates of the B.C. industry vary, but no one has put it at less
than a billion dollars, and some have put it as high as six billion.

The replacement of B.C. product by Washington product will cost B.C.
several per cent in growth and with an iffy year predicted in
virtually all other commodities, may put the province into recession.

B.C. has to follow the example of Washington and Colorado and stand up
to federal prohibitionists.

One place to start would be a class action lawsuit on behalf of
holders of existing licences which are, in effect, being seized. Yes,
some of them have been nuisances but the existing laws applying to any
business (zoning, etc.) could easily solve most concerns.

Nick Kelly Nanaimo 
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