Pubdate: Thu, 09 Jan 2014
Source: Express, The (Lock Haven, PA)
Copyright: 2014 Timothy L. Havener,
Author: Timothy L. Havener


It's over. It may not be official yet, but the marijuana legalization
crowd has won.

Here's why: All over national television last week people watched as a
military veteran walked into a marijuana dispensary and made the first
legal purchase of recreational marijuana.

He wasn't arrested; he wasn't thrown in handcuffs and hauled off to
prison. He paid for his product and paid the sales tax which is now
generating revenue for the state of Colorado and then he went home and
enjoyed his purchase and harmed no one.

Statistics and studies aside, what people saw on New Year's Day was
the beginning of a shift in how we perceive marijuana in this nation.

It's not just your hippy friend anymore who enjoys a little toke in
the evening; it's your doctor, your lawyer... your elected

Well, let's be honest; we all know all of you have been smoking, but
now you don't have to be ashamed anymore.While there are still pockets
of prejudice, the majority of the American people have accepted this
reality and now support full legalization and regulation of marijuana.

The only question is who will be the last one standing in support of
the failure that is marijuana prohibition? I am sure in this economic
climate of budget shortfalls that many legislators will see the dollar
signs and save the taxpayers from the burden of enforcing unjust laws,
and, in turn, reap a revenue that will add much needed money to the
public coffers.

To all of you who still have the notion that this is still a debate,
you are wrong. It's now a race to see who will be the last one
standing on the wrong side of history.  
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