Pubdate: Wed, 22 Jan 2014
Source: Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
Copyright: 2014 C.E.G.W./Times-Shamrock
Author: Robert Sharpe


Drug warriors who claim we don't know enough about the marijuana 
plant to legalize it are misinforming the American public. These 
taxpayer-funded liars deliberately confuse the drug war's tremendous 
collateral damage with a comparatively harmless plant. The good news 
is the American public is no longer falling for their ruse. A growing 
majority of Americans recognize that the war on marijuana consumers 
is a failed cultural inquisition, not an evidence-based public health 
campaign. This country can no longer afford to subsidize the 
prejudices of culture warriors. Not just in Colorado, but throughout 
the nation, it's time to stop the pointless arrests and instead tax 
legal marijuana.

Robert Sharpe, policy analyst, Common Sense for Drug Policy,
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