Pubdate: Thu, 13 Feb 2014
Source: Concord Monitor (NH)
Copyright: 2014 Monitor Publishing Company
Author: Gail H. Devoid


As House Bill 1622, permitting qualifying patients and registered 
caregivers to grow marijuana for therapeutic use, moves through the 
Legislature, I urge legislators to support this bill. Let's get help 
to the people of New Hampshire who need it. Gov. Maggie Hassan was 
misguided when she insisted on no grows by those eligible for 
therapeutic cannabis.

I am heartened with the result of House votes on HB 492, which would 
tax and regulate cannabis. The enormous body of knowledge on cannabis 
shows this to be a much less harmful way to socialize. This natural 
herb has helped many alcoholics maintain their recoveries. I realize 
that this may ultimately be determined inexpedient to legislate, but 
I hope next year legislators will know more about the truth of this herb.

Someone please tell Hassan the message that this bill sends to kids 
is that it is off limits, not that cannabis is okay for young adults 
or children. The research in this area shows harm, and unless a 
physician prescribes cannabidiol oil for children who may die from 
their seizures, or any other compelling medical reason, cannabis 
needs to stay restricted for those under 21 years of age.

As for casinos in New Hampshire, please do not introduce these into 
our society. Gambling is addictive and ruins lives. Cannabis is not 
addictive and helps with people's lives. Regulate it and tax it; the 
money coming into New Hampshire coffers will not be stained with the 
evils of gambling.

Thanks to our legislators for their service in the state of New 
Hampshire. It is hard work.


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