Pubdate: Thu, 20 Feb 2014
Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN)
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Author: Lisa J. Scott


Albert Einstein purportedly defined insanity as doing the same thing 
over and over and expecting different results. This perfectly 
describes our country's drug policy. In his column of Feb. 12, David 
Cook is of two minds about legalizing drugs, saying correctly that 
legally selling drugs does not qualify the U.S. to be that shining 
beacon on the hill we all wish it to be, but his conclusion that we 
therefore should not legalize them is incorrect.

Under present laws, extensive tax funds are used to pursue, capture, 
prosecute and incarcerate nonviolent drug users. This foolish program 
of proven failure should be scrapped, and all drugs should be 
legalized, taxed and rigidly controlled, and the funds diverted to 
education and other positive state needs, such as rehab for those who 
want it, cleaning our neighborhoods, promoting business and fighting 
poverty. Many adults can safely use drugs, and do (alcohol and 
tobacco are legal). The problem isn't drugs, it's addiction, and its 
cost to society. If you want to pay fewer taxes, drop the war on 
drugs. We know what doesn't work; it's time to try something else.


Dayton, Tenn.
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