Pubdate: Mon, 10 Mar 2014
Source: Providence Journal, The (RI)
Copyright: 2014 The Providence Journal Company
Author: Artie Russo


The March 10 letter by Debby Richards Perugini ("Legal pot's dark
side") has me scratching my head and wondering why every parent in the
country is not this passionate about Alcohol and the effects it has on
our young people - and anybody else!

I am not entering the ring to battle about pot being legal or not;
it's just that I really cannot remember the last time I read about a
person getting killed by a person under the influence of pot!

Parents even buy alcohol for their children. Do you see what I see in
the newspaper? Every week, stories of arrests for driving under the
influence, DUI accidents and DUI deaths. Come on, folks, there is no
comparison, but yet nobody says anything!

Have you ever seen someone so drunk from alcohol that they were
poisoned and needed to be detoxed? Not a pretty sight. Have you ever
watched a person detox or go through withdrawals from quitting
alcohol? You would change your tune pretty quick, guaranteed!

Want to fight for something? Instead of fighting against the
legalization of marijuana in Rhode Island, fight to ban alcohol. That
should be illegal!

Artie Russo

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