Pubdate: Mon, 24 Mar 2014
Source: News-Review, The (Roseburg, OR)
Copyright: 2014 The News-Review
Author: Ruth Klassert


In support of medical weed

The proposed ban on medical marijuana dispensaries causes alarm for a 
number of reasons. It's important to fully discuss them in a way 
everyone can understand without having to resort to the Internet. The 
first reason for alarm is an economic one. Medical marijuana 
dispensaries are local businesses and as such, they pay every tax any 
other local business owner must pay. These taxes are used to benefit 
and build our city. There is already concern about local revenue. To 
even think about shutting down a local business that helps increase 
revenue is cause for concern.

Another big economic reason is that other counties are already afraid 
that if senate bill 1531 passes, they will face huge lawsuits because 
of businesses they forced to shut down because of the ban. Such a ban 
would cause money losses with these business owners. Those losses 
could easily be used and hold water in a legal court setting, costing 
us more money in the end. For those wondering what SB 1531 has to do 
with Roseburg, it is a bill to introduce reasonable restrictions on 
those who run a dispensary. Reasonable restrictions would render 
bans, such as the one discussed recently in Roseburg, illegal.

Medical marijuana is just that - medical. It is not physically 
addictive. There are no withdrawals when use is stopped. Opiates, 
narcotics as well as other pain medication and most anxiety and 
depression medications are highly addictive and lead to worsening 
conditions in the long haul.

If Roseburg expects our community to prosper, the ban will not be put 
in place. To succeed, we must look at every member of our community, 
not just the healthy who would use marijuana for recreational, not 
medical purposes, and help our disabled and ill stay afloat.

Ruth Klassert

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