Pubdate: Tue, 01 Apr 2014
Source: Vail Daily (CO)
Copyright: 2014 Jared Barnes
Author: Jared Barnes


I would like to take a moment to respond to Barbara Allen's Letter to
the Editor from Sunday. It is quite clear over the past 6 months, but
most likely longer, that you are not a supporter of retail marijuana
or allowing retail marijuana stores to locate along US Highway 6. You
have written the Vail Daily almost weekly sometimes with valid
arguments and other times you confuse anecdotal evidence with facts.
What I have distilled from letters is your main argument: It is
unsafe to sell retail marijuana on Highway 6 close to schools.
Although I agree with the principle you are attempting to argue, your
arguments leave much to be desired. Principle: Retail marijuana
should not be sold withing close proximity to schools.

Your argument assumes that an individual purchasing retail marijuana
instantly consumes the marijuana onsite, becomes impaired and
therefore it is unsafe to even allow retail sales. Now I haven't read
Amendment 64 word for word, but I would bet that it does not including
any language that permits patrons of a retail marijuana store to
consume their recently purchased marijuana inside the retail
establishment, outside said establishment, or inside their vehicle at
a retail establishment. Therefore I can only deduce that there is ZERO
correlation between allowing retail establishments along US Highway 6
and increased safety concerns from consumption.

The argument you attempt to validate is no different than an
individual purchasing alcohol from a retail establishment and then
consuming said alcohol on the premises. It is illegal, period! Public
consumption, driving under the influence, liquor licenses and open
container laws all deter individuals from doing this. How would
similarly regulated retail marijuana establishments be any different?

This paper has published many articles since January 1 that stated the
only legal place for an adult, over the age of 21, to consume
marijuana is on private property which would allow it. To my knowledge
no retail establishment permits the consumption of marijuana onsite.
Instead what you should be arguing and petitioning your elected
officials is to prohibit marijuana clubs or similar establishments
that permit consumption onsite along Highway 6.

In the future when making arguments about prohibiting retail marijuana
establishments on Highway 6, please take a moment to ensure that the
"evidence" you are presenting is properly tied to the argument you are

Jared Barnes

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