Pubdate: Wed, 09 Apr 2014
Source: Garden Island (Lihue, HI)
Copyright: 2014 The Garden Island
Author: Steve Martin


In response to Kirk Muse's letter from Mesa, Ariz., Sunday, March 30. 
Hawaii's adult residents should have the same freedom of using 
canabis as they do for alcohol. "Drinking and driving a public 
service warning."

I would like to share a personal experience with the community about 
drinking alcohol and driving. As we all know, some of us have been 
known to have had brushes with authorities on our way home from an 
occasional social session over the years. A while back, I was out for 
an evening with friends and had a few cocktails. Knowing full well I 
may have been over the limit I did something I've never done before - 
I took a cab home.

Sure enough, I passed a police road block up by Opaekaa Falls turnout 
but, since it was a cab, they waved it past. I arrived home safely 
without incident, which was a real surprise, as I have never driven a 
cab before and I wasn't sure where I got it, or what the heck to do 
with it now that it's in my carport.

Just maybe Kirk's opinion is something to ponder over.

Steve Martin

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