Pubdate: Fri, 18 Apr 2014
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Copyright: 2014 The Seattle Times Company
Author: Howard Hance


Two of the biggest arguments for marijuana legalization are keeping 
it out kids' hands, and keeping the business out of criminals' hands. 
The two are closely related. A liquor store can lose its license if 
it sells liquor to minors, but a pot dealer has no such disincentive.

I see that the state is going to do marijuana industry background 
checks ["Feds OK pot background checks by Washington state," Local 
News, April 10]. Assume you're a grower who was busted once. If you 
try to go legitimate, the background check would show up, and you'll 
lose your business. Your best bet is to stay underground.

Consider all the towns passing ordinances to keep legal distributors 
out. They might as well call it a resolution to keep illegal 
distributors in. If someone wants some, is he going to drive to the 
next town over, or is he going to ask his next-door neighbor?

Howard Hance, Snohomish
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