Pubdate: Tue, 22 Apr 2014
Source: Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON)
Copyright: 2014 Raven P. Lershart
Author: Raven P. Lershart


We've always had it. We're slowly getting rid of it.

My dad was forced to write right-handed. He was a natural

Only when he injured his right hand could he switch to the left and
left he stayed.

We know about the racial, sexual and homophobic discrimination, the
religious ones and more.

There's the Pride Parades on father's day.

This past Sunday in Ottawa, 10,000 potheads were celebrating their
lifestyle. Yeah, Easter Sunday and they called it 4-20. Stiltwalker
Precious Chong of Cheech and Chong fame hosts.

Whatever you feel about medical marijuana, recreational marijuana or
the related hemp products, you have to admit one thing-- They are
heavily discriminated on by governments and many abstainers.

Raven P. Lershart

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