Pubdate: Fri, 02 May 2014
Source: Buffalo News (NY)
Copyright: 2014 The Buffalo News
Author: Sue Cordova
Page: A11


I have read endless letters about doctors giving narcotics to people
who don't need them and also people who abuse the system by selling
their drugs. I couldn't agree more that these are problems.

But there is a different concern for people who are truly in chronic
pain. They don't abuse or sell their meds. That's my problem. I am a
person who has a legitimate reason for needing to be on pain meds. It
has caused me constant pain that interferes with my entire life, from
my everyday abilities to my sleep, not to mention the hardship it has
taken on my financial needs.

We shouldn't abuse doctors who are just doing their job by maintaining
our pain meds so we can live a somewhat normal life. I believe that
every month a urine test should be given to all patients who receive
prescription meds. That is one way to see who is and who is not
abusing them. I would be willing to do this.

I have a Ph.D., and I am so tired of being lumped into the same crowd
of people who ruin it for those of us with chronic pain and can prove
it, as opposed to those who flat out lie and then abuse the system and
put the doctor's license in jeopardy for trying to help the people who
are really suffering day and night.

Sue Cordova Buffalo
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