Pubdate: Thu, 29 May 2014
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 2014 The Denver Post Corp
Author: Steve Fox
Page: 17A


Re: "Like it or not, CSO must abide by Amendment 64," May 15 Vincent 
Carroll column.

Editorial page editor Vincent Carroll argued that the use of 
marijuana at bars and other social settings will never be legal under 
Amendment 64. This is incorrect.

Carroll pointed to this language in Amendment 64: "Nothing in this 
section shall permit consumption that is conducted openly and 
publicly or in a manner that endangers others." He interpreted this 
language to mean that Amendment 64 "explicitly bars public use." To 
have that effect, the provision would read, "The open and public use 
of marijuana shall be prohibited."

Amendment 64 carved out an exception to existing marijuana laws to 
make adult marijuana use legal. The provision Carroll cited simply 
clarifies that Amendment 64 does not - on its own-make open and 
public consumption legal across the board. Rather, it provides the 
state and each locality the ability to determine whether open and 
public use will be permitted.

Steve Fox,

Bethesda, Md. The writer is a co-lead drafter of Amendment 64 and is 
director of VS Strategies, a lobbying and public relations subsidiary 
of the Vicente Sederberg LLC law firm in Denver.
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