Pubdate: Mon, 16 Jun 2014
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 2014 The Denver Post Corp
Authors: Lauren Treat and Jessica Kraynik
Page: 11A


Re: "Pot taxes may pay for 22 new staffers," June 7 news story.

Colorado is benefiting from the tax revenue generated by marijuana
sales. While education and industry regulation are important, more
attention should be directed toward marijuana's effects on children,
as they are being affected by the increased prevalence of marijuana.

As pediatricians, we have seen increasing numbers of children who have
unintentionally been exposed to marijuana since passage of Amendment
64. Research on the negative effects of marijuana could provide
evidence to strengthen anti-abuse education campaigns targeted at
protecting children.

An additional, less frequently discussed, effect of Amendment 64 is
that many families are moving to Colorado in hopes of obtaining
cannabidiol (CBD), a seizure treatment derived from marijuana, for
their children with debilitating seizures. Marijuana research could
generate evidence about CBD, and help medical institutions make
decisions about its safety and utility.

We ask that the City Council devote a portion of our marijuana tax
revenue to marijuana-focused research to benefit Colorado's children.

Lauren Treat and Jessica Kraynik, Denver

The writers are physicians.
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