Pubdate: Thu, 26 Jun 2014
Source: Boston Herald (MA)
Copyright: 2014 The Boston Herald, Inc
Note: Prints only very short LTEs.
Author: Howard Wooldridge


As a retired detective who worked in the trenches of the drug war in 
the '70s, '80s & '90s, I am sure the Herald's words supporting the 
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency were comforting to the Mexican drug 
cartels - which rake in billions from the illegal market for drugs 
("Congress goes to pot," June 9). The longer we continue this failed 
prohibition approach, with regards to marijuana, the more billions 
the cartels rake in.

Marijuana is a mind-altering, intoxicating and sometimes 
psychologically addictive drug. It is certainly too dangerous to 
leave its production and sale in the hands of criminals, cartels and 
teens. It should be given the same respect and laws as beer. The 
Herald's continued support for the prohibition of marijuana is baffling.

- - Howard Wooldridge, Adamstown, Md. The writer is a co-founder of Law 
Enforcement Against Prohibition. 
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