Pubdate: Mon, 11 Aug 2014
Source: Baltimore Sun (MD)
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Author: Ryan Stancil
Page: 12


Mike Gimbel's short-sighted and reactionary opinion that the Moonrise 
Festival at Pimlico should be canceled is something I'd expect to 
hear from a so-called "drug czar," but it's speech that is uninformed 
at best and counterproductive at worst. ("After deaths at 
Merriweather, Moonrise Festival should be canceled," Aug. 8.)

As someone who regularly attends electronic music events of all 
shades (raves, club nights, festivals, and so on) throughout the 
Mid-Atlantic, I've heard speech like Mr. Gimbel's ad nauseam. People 
like him seem to think these events are nothing more than thinly 
veiled open-air drug markets where shady characters prey on 
unsuspecting children and everyone is high all the time.

What they never seem to talk about is the fact that, within the 
electronic music scene, people are encouraged to take care of each 
other at all times. Sometimes it's as simple as offering someone 
water if they look like they need it or helping them find the friends 
they came to the event with if they look lost. Unity and respect are 
two things that we take very seriously.

Mr. Gimbel is right in saying there needs to be better education 
about drugs like Molly and Ecstasy. That's something many of us 
regulars in the tight-knit DC/ Maryland/ Virginia electronic music 
community preach often. He gets it wrong when he implies that events 
like Moonrise encourage irresponsibility and dangerous activity.

If he would like, he's always welcome to attend an event and see what 
really goes on. We welcome anyone and everyone.

Ryan Stancil, Owings Mills
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