Pubdate: Sun, 21 Sep 2014
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Copyright: 2014 The Seattle Times Company
Author: Adam Schuetzler
Page: A15


Editor, The Times: In the time since marijuana has been legalized in 
Washington, I fear that the state and the Liquor Control Board have 
lost sight of the most fundamental thing: Marijuana was legalized on 
a promise to drive out criminality and replace the black market 
["Rocky start for state's pot stores," Local News, Sept. 17 ].

In order to do this, two things will have to happen: Much more 
marijuana will need to be grown, and more stores will have to open.

Of these, the more serious issue is marijuana growing. The Board has 
made the fatal error of allowing a tiny amount to be grown - 2 
million square feet, or about 46 acres. This is not enough to supply 
the state or hurt the black market. In comparison to another crop, 
hops, just one average farm in the Yakima Valley grows 450 acres - 
nearly 10 times the legal limit for all recreational marijuana.

It's time the state and the Board got serious about fulfilling their 
duty. More marijuana needs to be grown, more stores need to open and, 
most important, the goal of ending the black market needs to be kept in view.

Adam Schuetzler, Peshastin
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