Pubdate: Thu, 02 Oct 2014
Source: Sacramento News & Review (CA)
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Author: Susan Stokes


Re "Return of the messenger" by Melinda Welsh (SN&R Feature Story, 
September 25):

I really enjoyed this story by Melinda Welsh. Not only did she focus 
on the movie Kill the Messenger and the series "Dark Alliance," but 
she dug deeper into the "Dark Alliance" aftermath. Melinda even got a 
few quotes from Jerry Ceppos, the San Jose Mercury News editor at the 
time that the story broke, who is "barely aware of the film coming 
out." Really, Jerry? And you are "proud" that you were willing to 
take a dive on the story through a letter to the readers? Yes, it was 
the course of least resistance, as was proven by the national media's 
reaction. I like this quote from Gary in a 2003 interview when he was 
discussing the presence of "Dark Alliance" on the internet, because 
it simplifies the outcome of the series: "We did this on purpose, to 
make it very hard to knock down, to make it very difficult for people 
to say that this didn't happen, but they said it didn't happen 
anyway." Thoroughly enjoyed this story, Melinda.

Susan Stokes

El Dorado Hills
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