Pubdate: Fri, 10 Oct 2014
Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2014 Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Author: Jack Denison


It is worth a little insight as to what Amendment 2 does and does not 
do. A cursory study finds:

It does:

* Permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes, if authorized by 
a physician.

Currently opium may be said to be permitted, if prescribed by a 
physician. (Oxycodone is an example).

* Provide for registered marijuana treatment centers.

* Patient and caregiver identification cards would be issued.

It does not:

* Affect, plus or minus, the use of marijuana by anyone other than a 
qualifying patient.

* Affect current laws relating to non-medical use, possession, 
production or sale of marijuana.

* Require accommodations for the smoking of medical marijuana in public places.

Given the above, you decide. But do vote, one way or the other and 
keep our democracy working as a voice of the people.

Jack Denison

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