Pubdate: Wed, 22 Oct 2014
Source: Star-Banner, The (Ocala, FL)
Copyright: 2014 The Star-Banner
Author: Stefany McLain


Amendment 2 is about legalizing MEDICAL marijuana. There are a lot of
half-truths and untruths being tossed around in the newspaper and in
TV ads.

Google medical marijuana in the 20 states where its already legal and
see what it really says. No one suggests people should smoke and
drive, just like you shouldn't drink and drive. A little common sense,

Please check this article: "So far, Colorado's teens are actually
using marijuana less," by Betsy Woodruff (Aug. 28). You'll find out
that marijuana use among teens has gone DOWN since 2012 since the
legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Although a positive
note, Amendment 2 is only about medical marijuana.

It would be a shame if this amendment fails to pass based on the
untruths we keep hearing about. Please do your own investigating about
this and get the real facts before you vote.

Stefany McLain

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