Pubdate: Sat, 08 Nov 2014
Source: Star-Banner, The (Ocala, FL)
Copyright: 2014 The Star-Banner
Author: Don Chandler


Medical marijuana. What's the real issue? For many years I suffered 
from pain. I went through pain management treatment and was 
prescribed several drugs. Many of them had very debilitating effects 
that left me incapable of functioning in a work or social 
environment. One had to take drugs to be able to sleep through the 
night and other drugs to be able to function at work during the day.

I've never used marijuana, but I've read many sources that showed the 
medicinal effects that allowed people to function normally throughout 
the work day.

I worked for a Fortune 100 firm where I had a co-worker who I learned 
would go into the stairwell and shoot up heroin during the day, and 
no one could tell any difference in her behavior.

I'm in no way condoning the use of hard drugs, but I think time and 
history has demonstrated that marijuana is a drug that can be 
controlled. Why not let the state sell it at liquor stores and let 
the public benefit from the taxes made from the selling of the product?

In the last election voters said no to medical marijuana here in 
Florida, but the District of Columbia said YES, not to medical 
marijuana, but YES to the use of marijuana. Eventually, it's going to happen.

Many say marijuana failed in Florida due to the older population 
here. If there was ever a place that needed marijuana for severe pain 
relief it is here in Florida. If we put marijuana behind the counters 
of legitimate businesses here we'd clear out the jails/prisons and 
make room for the real criminals.

Don Chandler

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