Pubdate: Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Source: Chico News & Review, The (CA)
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Author: Ellen Comp
Note: Author's name is Ellen Komp


Re "Pot 'O money" (Downstroke, Dec. 11):

California NORML objects strenuously to Butte County's requirement 
that medical marijuana be cultivated in a contiguous space, and to 
the proposed "Stay in the Box" campaign advanced by the Butte County 
Sheriff's Office to ensure compliance with this scheme.

Cal NORML is in favor of using square footage of plant canopy rather 
than plant numbers as a scientific measure of crop yield, as 
determined by DEA studies.

To force plants to grow in some imaginary box, crammed together, will 
increase the likelihood of disease, making for an unhealthy product. 
Many patients, especially AIDS patients, have compromised immune 
systems and are especially susceptible to molds in particular. 
Furthermore, growing this way will interfere with a patient 
harvesting their required amount of cannabis. As far as I understand 
state law, [the county's $446,500] budget allocation [for Measure A 
enforcement] won't go into effect until the board takes a second vote 
on it. Locals should contact their supervisors.

Ellen Comp

Cal NORML deputy director, Berkeley
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